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Front Desk Team Members


Amanda   Office Manager/Treatment Coordinator (team member since 2006)

 I have been a proud member of the Happy Tooth team since the clinic first opened its doors in April of 2006.  Working for Happy Tooth has been the opportunity of a lifetime, which I will always be grateful for.  The dentists in this clinic have taught me as much as I will ever need to know, not only about dentistry, but about having a fulfilling and pleasing career.  After completing four years towards receiving my bachelor’s degree, I started at Happy Tooth as a dental assistant.  I learned every possible aspect of dental procedures as well as the great value of dental treatment for our patients.  It was a rewarding yet fun experience where I learned more about myself than I had ever known before.  Having worked with other dentists in the past, I could see how different Happy Tooth was.  We are a team.  Every member of the team plays an important, significant role, which the dentists make us aware of on a daily basis.  Having this mindset as you come to work every day is extraordinary!  Every day I look forward to my “job” and flourishing with my teammates.  In the summer of 2008, I was promoted to Office Manager where I currently hold the title with pride.  It was then that I was able to step away from the clinical side of dentistry and focus on the administrative. Dealing with insurance claims, billings, and treatment plans can be challenging.  There is no excuse for mistakes. But there is comfort knowing that we have a strong team at Happy Tooth, doing their jobs to their fullest potential every moment.  I will say with confidence that Happy Tooth is a dental clinic that offers more than any other. 

Ruth  Patient Reception Services (team member since 2015)

Sarai  Insurance Coordinator (team member since 2007)

I've been working at Happy Tooth since 2007 and love it. When I first started I had no experience working in the dental field whatsoever. At first working at the clinic was overwhelming because I knew nothing about teeth or insurance. I quickly learned with the help of everyone here and ended up loving it. I love working here. The doctors are one of a kind and I really got lucky with them. I wake up every morning happy to come to my Happy Tooth family  ______  

Stephanie  Patient Service Representative (team member since 2012)

Tiffany Patient Service Representative (team memeber since 2014)

Working for happy tooth has been an extremely fulfilling experience for me, going from working as a nanny and interacting with the same family every day, to now getting the chance to interact with tons of different patients on a daily basis; it is both very exciting as well as rewarding. Whether I’m helping someone schedule an appointment or pay a bill, I strive to make every patient I speak with feel as important and cared for as the Doctors do when the Patient is here in their dental chair. I could never say enough good things about the people that I work with and more importantly the people I work for. Dr. Augustyn and Dr. Singh deeply care for their patients as well as our entire team. The sense of camaraderie at Happy Tooth is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. We are all one big family who care for and support one another and one that, alone, makes it easy to wake up and come to work every day.

Clinical Team Members

Elisa Main Assistant (team member since 2008)

Prior to working at Happy Tooth, most of my time was spent working with community activists trying to develop programs that would benefit the people as a community.  That is a part of my life that I am very passionate about.  I knew it was going to be hard finding a job that would encompass my ideas.  When I first met Dr. Augustyn, she was getting ready to leave for Guatemala.  This was one of her many trips to a different country where she utilizes her skills as a dentist to help people who aren't able to get dental treatment.  To some people this isn't a big deal, but to me, this meant so much.  To see how she devoted her time and skills towards helping others truly made me feel at home.  Working with Dr. Singh as his main assistant has really been an awesome experience.  He's taught, and continues to teach me so much about dentistry.  He's taught me to be confident and to have pride in my work.  I feel very lucky to have a job that I love and enjoy so much.

Gracy    Main Assistant (team member since 2008)

In 2008 I was welcomed to the happy tooth team with no experience and learned everything about dentistry on the job as Dr. Augustyn's main assistant. As the years went on we were given different responsibilities, some more daunting then others, but the Docdtors always displayed confidence in us and helped us achieve those goals. I'm glad the Dr. Augustyn saw potential in me and took the time to teach me all that I know today.

Emmanuel    Assistant (team member since 2014)

Gaby    Assistant (team member since 2009)

I have been working for Happy Tooth since 2009. It has truly been a blessing to have found this place. The doctors are amazing. I love how they treat their patients equally. I’ve worked for other dental offices where patients are treated according to the insurance they have; this doesn’t happen here.

The doctors truly love what they do. I love what I do because of them. A person's smile is everything and being able to assist in achieving that makes me smile.

Dr. Augustyn has such a big heart. Last year she had a drive for coats and blankets, which were distributed to the homeless people downtown. The year prior to that, 200 sandwiches were passed out. For her 40th birthday this year, instead of giving her gifts, she has invited us to join her at organization called Feed My Starving Children that has volunteers pack food which is sent to different parts of the world to help feed malnourished children. I’m looking forward to see what will be done the following year and be a part of it. As a mother of 2, this is something I hope to pass to my boys and then them passing it on to their future children. They will teach them that to truly know receiving is nice but that giving and doing for others is an even better feeling. I have learned the true meaning of gratitude working for happy tooth.

The whole team is great. I look forward each morning to coming into work because of them.

Alyssa     Assistant (team member since 2012)

I've been working at happy tooth since 2012, I walked in for a dentist appointment and walked out with information that lead me to my future job. Yet it's very hard waking up every morning (because sleep is the best), I love coming to work everyday, to be with the happy tooth crew. Happy tooth brought me onto the team with no experience, and helped shape me into the employee I needed to be. I work with some of the coolest doctors I've ever met, and their wisdom is bright, each day I'm learning new things from them. Happy tooth presents great team work, and I'm glad to say I'm apart of that team. :)

Abdul     Assistant/Dental Intern (team member since 2013)

I have been a part of the happy tooth family for close to 3 years. I started as a student shadowing under the mentorship of Dr. Augustyn and Dr. Singh for one year. I was brought on board as a dental assistant in the summer of 2014. The atmosphere at work is energetic, friendly, and a great learning experience. I hope to implement everything I learn on my path to becoming a dentist.