Patient Testimonials

Since the age of seven every dentist I have seen has wanted to take x-rays on my first visit to the office. Afterwards each one has looked at it completely puzzled and called in every assistant, tech, and office employee to come and look at them. They never had a clear understanding or plan on how to proceed. Every dentist and orthodontist said, “How about we start with this and go from there.” I expected the same story when I changed dentists and scheduled my appointment with Dr. Singh. The inevitable x-rays were a part of the procedure and so was involving the entire office, but this time it was out of excitement. The whole office was excited and full of anticipation while working on my case. After waiting a week I got a complete dental plan including dates, costs, and every possible procedure was included so there were no surprises. After countless dentists and ten years of waiting I received a perfect smile from Dr. Singh in less than a year. I can never express how much it impacted my life to finally be able to stand up straight, smile wide, take perfect pictures, and laugh anytime I wanted without being self-conscious about how my smile looks. I would recommend Dr. Singh’s office to anyone for any procedure. He will be my dentist for life!

- Vanessa Segreti 


When I was young and started going to the dentist, I had a lot of issues with my teeth. The dentist I had seen was not as gentle as he should have been with the Novocain shots, so it traumatized me. As an adult, I was not able to go to the dentist without fear. That was until I found Happy Tooth. Someone had recommended me to Dr. Singh and I still was very nervous, but I had to see if he was really that good. When I went to my appointment, I was amazed! Dr. Singh was very understanding of the issues I had in the past and reassured me that if there was any problems or pain with the infection to let him know. It was AMAZING! It was only like a mosquito bit me – no problem, I could handle that. I was so confident in Dr. Singh’s ability to not hurt me, that I started bringing my four children to see him. It is such a relaxed atmosphere and everyone is very nice to my family that we love to go to see Dr. Singh. I do not have to force my kids to go to the dentist because when I tell them we have to go to the dentist, they hurry and jump in the car. If it wasn’t for Happy Tooth – my children would probably not have healthy teeth. Now we see Dr. Singh on a regular basis to ensure our teeth stay healthy and we have beautiful smiles. Thank you Dr. Singh & Happy Tooth for changing our lives!!!

- Jennifer Salgado


I appreciate your practice and thank you and your staff for your excellent care.  I would like for my personal experience with Happy Tooth to be shared with others. In December of 2007, my daughter asked me to accompany her to Happy Tooth for her dental appointment.  It was the most pleasant and welcoming experience from a dentist and her staff that I have ever encountered.  The receptionist intoduced herself and I asked to meet Dr. Maggie Augustyn and see the patient rooms.  She was so kind and caring, asking me about dental needs and expectations, answered all my questions, spoke about her education, her dental practice, her volunteer work, how she continues her education, and teaches.  I was impressed with her passion and enthusiastic attitude about her practice and staff.  I am a person with disabilites and I finally found a dental practice that was generous to offer to be flexible with my needs.  That day I was so happy to have met my dentist at Happy Tooth with the accommodating waiting area, professional, pleasant, kind and caring staff.  I found my comfortable dental chairs and great parking spaces.  My family and I do not have to worry about an unexpected dental care because we are also patients of the kind, caring, professional and experienced Dr. Amrik Singh. I love my beautiful new smile and I am happy to share I receive many compliments.  You are a dental artist.  I appreciate the appointment reminder courtesy calls and your staff always returns my calls.  It is great to be associated with an honest dental practice with fair prices. With my new smile, thank you,

- Carmen, Bolingbrook IL


My teeth were very crooked and I didn't smile much. I went to several dentists and they didn't want to even try to correct my teeth with my medical issues. Dr. Augustyn prepared a plan and corrected every issue and even had my smile perfect for my first Christmas with my newborn son. She worked very hard to have everything in a small time frame. She did this for me so I can have a Holiday family picture with my newborn son that I can be proud of and not be embarrassed of my teeth.My family was in awe in the transformation. I will always be grateful to Maggie Augystyn for being so understanding to my situation and doing such a outstanding job.

- Crystal Ennis 



My family and I were fortunate enough to have found Dr. Singh after having many negative experiences with previous dentists.  The dental HMO that my family and I are enrolled under limited the choices of dental offices that were available to us, and we had the good fortune that Dr. Singh practiced at the office and was assigned to us. We had been seeing Dr. Singh for many years, but one day we were informed by him that he was leaving and starting his own practice elsewhere.  We panicked, fearing that he might be going out of state and we would lose the best dentist my family and I had been patients of in years.  When he told us that he was only moving an hour's time in travel from where we lived, there was no choice to be made and we have continued to be with him ever since. Dr. Singh is a kind and compassionate man, with a gentle touch in his work.  Happy Tooth is a place of happy smiles and, at the very least, one very happy family.
- The Paymaster family.


I first became acquainted with Dr. Maggie when having a dental emergency.  I learned that my dentist had left the practice, so I took a chance and called the only other female dentist on staff.  Dr. Maggie quickly returned my call, provided an assessment of my condition, prescribed appropriate medication, and quickly scheduled me in to address the problem.  Dr. Maggie moved from that practice to establish her current practice, and I followed her even though much further from my home.  I have always been impressed that Dr. Maggie is willing to entertain non-traditional hours in order to accommodate her patients and their work schedules.  She has developed a patient-centered practice.  Her staff is friendly and genuinely interested in each person and their dental needs.  I have gone to other dentists who have seemed to always look for something during visits that ultimately ends up in future visits and expense.  Dr. Maggie is the kind of dentist who isn’t afraid to tell you that everything is fine during the visit, and the only future need is for the next 6-month check-up.  On the other hand, I’ve had complicated dental needs that Dr. Maggie competently handled.  Because of my positive experience with her and her practice, I’ve confidently referred many friends and colleagues to Happy Tooth.

- Paula Chapman


I would like to take a moment to share my story about a dentist I could not go without. For many people the very thought of making an appointment to visit the dentist could be stressful, uncomfortable and  maybe embarrassing. For many people it’s not their favorite thing to do.  I also had all of those feelings and emotions up until I had my very first appointment with Dr. Singh almost seven years ago. I grew up in a large poor family with little to no health care. When I first saw Dr. Singh I went in to the appointment thinking that this  was just going to be another trip to see the dentist who only wants to get me in and out and move on to the next patient regardless if I would return back or not. I could not have been more wrong. I had a lot of problems with my teeth that it was having a negative impact on my life. I was too embarrassed to smile, I was uncomfortable speaking in front of people who I didn’t know very well. My confidence and self esteem was low because of the condition of my teeth. From the very first smile and hand shake I knew something was going to be different with Dr. Singh. He was pleasant, professional, caring and understanding. Everything I needed and wanted from a doctor. He was very honest with me on what he could do to help me with my situations. Make my smile better, improve my confidence, no more hiding. Finding the right dentist can be a very overwhelming task. I can save you all the trouble- His name is Dr. Singh! When I became a patient of Dr. Singh over seven years ago at that time his office was only 5 minutes from my house. Now in his new location it is roughly a 2 hour round trip, for me it’s the same 5 minutes.  All the Doctors and staff at  Happy Tooth are absolutely world class. They genuinely care about their patients as individuals. Making each person  feel important.   Not only do I still continue to make that same 5 minute drive (2hours) so does my wife and son.

- Rich Ferraro


I was always afraid to go to the dentist. I had work done by other dentists and it was always painful.  Dr. Singh is the most compassionate person and dentist I have ever met.  Not only is he a caring person, but he definitely goes to great lengths to see that you are most comfortable in his chair.  Dr. Singh takes great pride in what he does and it certainly shows.  He really cares about each and every patient.  He has taken care of my whole family for years and we couldn't be more pleased. His staff is very professional and they are the nicest group of people who also make sure you are very comfortable.  I would most definitely recommend Dr. Singh to anyone, not only those like me who were scared to go see the dentist.  I always leave his chair with a smile on my face because he makes my visit to his office a very enjoyable one.

- Cindy Scultz


My family has been going to Happy Tooth since they opened their doors (we followed Dr. Singh there because he is such an amazing dentist).  We cannot imagine going anywhere else.  Dr. Singh and his team always make us feel comfortable and well taken care of.  My son has had alot of work done since he was 3 and he will only let Dr. Singh work on him which says alot coming from someone of that age.  We live about an hour away from Happy Tooth but we refuse to go to a more convenient location because of the kind, caring treatment we receive at Happy Tooth. 

- Tanya Carco


My experience with Happy Tooth was like no other dentist experience I ever had. I immediately felt comfortable in a welcoming environment. Doctor Singh and his dental assistants took their time to listen to my needs and advised me on a treatment that I could afford. I didn't have to worry about overpaying, as there were no hidden fees. I came back several times for follow up treatments and always felt treated like a VIP. Two of my friends have come to Happy Tooth and I will continue to recommend Doctor Singh to anyone in search for a dentist who they don't have to fear but will be happy to visit! Not only is Happy Tooth a caring office, but a giving one, who didn't hesitate to give to the needy when I asked for dental donations for a volunteering trip to Haiti. A compassionate office all around!

- Alexandra Svoboda


I had been with the same dental practice for over 20 years and was tired of the high prices and deceptive practices.  I did a lot of looking around and was delighted to find Happy Tooth  Drs. Singh and Augustyn are amazing!  Very caring and professional and honest...and fun!  I have never had to wait past my appointment time to be seen, and what is most important to me, am always informed BEFOREHAND what the charge will be for the services rendered... no surprises at the checkout desk.  The atmosphere at the office is very relaxed and I can imagine that those people who fear seeing the dentist would be very comfortable coming to Happy Tooth as they would be in the hands of people who put the patient's comfort first.  Please give Happy Tooth a try - you'll be very glad that you did.

- Susan Bradley


I have never had a more pleasant experience visiting a dentist than when visiting Drs. Augustyn and Singh. They do exemplary work and provide a very comforting environment. Great support staff too! I would recommend them in a jiffy. My teeth are “happy”!

- Rahul Karanth


We have been patients of Dr. Singh for many years beginning when he was with a group in Naperville—just a mile from our home!  When he left to open a practice with Dr. Augustyn in Elmhurst, there was absolutely no question that we would be seeing him there.  I (Carla)have had a lot of dental issues in the past forty years or so, and to say I was a whimp when it came to dentists would be a gross understatement.  But for the first time, I have absolutely no anxiety about going to the dentist.  Not once have I ever been the least bit uncomfortable when being treated by Dr. Singh.  We both appreciate his commitment to do everything necessary, but nothing unnecessary for his patients.  We had experiences in other offices where that was not the case.  As an added bonus, the entire staff is always friendly and helpful.  

- Jim & Carla Vahle


 For many years, I’ve been listening to dentists tell me how bad my teeth are, and how impossible they are to straighten or fix. I've had such miserable dental  experiences… until  I met Dr. Maggie Augustyn in 2009. From the first meeting, I felt very comfortable and encouraged.  She assured me that I will have a smile like models  in magazine covers. And she proved it. I'm happy to know her as a dentist, and a woman.  At  ''Happy tooth" I met so many nice, helpful and caring people. Dr. Augustyn and Dr. Singh, thank you for your help, your professionalism, and humanity.

- Veselka Davidova


My children and I followed Dr. Maggie from Naperville to Elmhurst when she moved her practice.  We fell in love with her from the first visit, and that was six years ago!  She has taken the time to get to know us and even remembers my children’s interests and activities. For us, it is important to have that personal relationship and not feel like we’re one of a thousand being run through a dental mill. Aside from the dentist’s competency, there has to be a level of trust, and we’ve always had that with both Dr. Maggie and Dr. Singh.  It is well worth the drive for us to receive high touch with the high tech service.

- Susan Manning


I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the excellent care you provide to my family.  When you relocated from Naperville to Elmhurst several years ago, I thought the 30 mile commute to your office from my home would be "extreme".  I was totally wrong!  If you moved 50 miles away, my family would still make the trip to your practice.  We appreciate your "cautious" dental philosopy, meaning your first priority is to avoid performing significant dental procedures.  I have personally benefited from this philosophy and I thank you. You and your staff are courteous and professional.  My family and I appreciate all you do for us.

- Rich Gallinatti and Family


Smile! What does it mean?  It means the happy feeling you feel inside and can express to others to make them happy too!  This is what Dr. Maggie Augustyn and her Staff has given me. I have been afraid of the dentist for most of my life.  All of that fear is now gone thanks to Dr. Maggie, as I call her.  She has given me the desire to really take care of my teeth.  They are precious gifts to be taken care of for our health and well-being.  Dr. Augustyn and her Staff have given me the chance to smile again with confidence.  She is gentle and understanding and does everything she can do to make you comfortable and want to take care of that precious gift, a Smile! You, Dr. Augustyn, always brighten my day.  I am so grateful.  Thank you - for what you did, what you said, and who you are.

- Carolina Bordwell


I am writing to thank you for the excellent care I have received for the past few years at Happy Tooth.  The doctors and Staff know how to treat a patient, and not just their teeth.  I am grateful for the excellent service and professional manner in which you operate.  It is good to know I will always receive excellent care from their office. 

- Tom Spadafore


After undergoing repeated unsuccessful treatments on an infected tooth -- a tooth that had been previously capped, had undergone a root canal and was part of a permanent bridge -- I consulted a periodontist for a second opinion and learned that the tooth could not be saved.  Rather than having a new, larger appliance placed that would require extensive, unnecessary work on healthy teeth, I elected to have permanent implants placed.  This procedure required that the infected tooth be pulled and that a bone graft be placed to augment my jaw before the posts for the implants could be placed and that the remaining tooth from the bridge be re-capped.  As the work was to be done in phases, over many months, I decided this was a good time to find a new practice to care for my future dental needs. Setting the criteria for what I hoped to find in a dentist was fairly straightforward.  I wanted a dentist with an excellent education, an education that was both current and ongoing, and I was also determined to find a dentist who would approach my care in a thoughtful way.  Additionally, it was very important to me to find a practice that I not only felt a strong confindence in but felt very comfortable with. My experience with Dr. Singh has more than fulfilled my expectations.  From my first appointment with Dr. Singh I have understood that obtaining the best result for me was his priority.  He has sought the opinion of other professionals when the need arose and has always been available for consultation when these professionals have called him.  He has kept me informed, in a timely manner, of what had been discussed and has always been available to answer my questions and address my concerns.  We have been through a lot together during the last few years and I know that I made the right decision in choosing his practice for my dental care. The entire staff of Happy Tooth Dental is pleasant and professional and has been a pleasure to deal with.

- Reyne Wiseman

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