Keeping You Safe




We have implemented additional safety measures in ensuring your safety. These include but are not limited to:  

  1. Team and patient daily questionaries - both patients and team members answer questions daily about exposure to COIVD

  2. Taking Temperature on every team member and patient - each time a patient or team members walks into the office temperature is taken and recorded.

  3. Both patients and team members are to wear a mask at all times, except when patient is receiving treatment. If a paitent presents without a mask, one will be proviced as part of the PPE fee. 

  4. Limited use of waiting areas and restrooms - restrooms are not available for patient use; waiting room chairs are also not available unless absolutely necessary.

  5. Disinfection any areas touched by patients or team members between patient appointments

  6. Paperless documnets, forms and treatment plans - all documents are sent out several days prior to appointment to be filled out and return via email, txt or internet connection.

  7. Higher than recommended PPE - we are all very conerned about your well-being and the well-being of our team members. We use double masks (including a KN95 mask), disposable gowns, hair nets, faceshileds and gloves. Scrubs which are worn every day are laundered at the facility. 

  8. CDC recommended sterilization and disinfection procedures, 

  9. Additional time spent cleaning the office between every patient - we have one team member dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting areas which have been used by either patients or team memebrs.

  10. Performing procedures with little or no aerosol - we cautioningly use water and air. 

  11. The use of additional intra-oral suction system (Dry Shield)

  12. UV type air filtration and odor absorption in the HVAC

  13. Multiple units of HEPA filtration system

  14. Chairside procedures will include: 

    • Performing an antiseptic oral rinse (diluted peroxide, chlorhexidine, others) pre-procedure.

    • The use of a rubber dam whenever possible or other alternative isolation devices that separate the oropharynx from the field of work

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