Is the office safe to come in for an appointment?

Our office always followed strict Center of Disease Control and OSHA infection protocols to prevent any transmission of disease or viruses to you, us and everyone who enters our office. Due to the severity of the pandemic, we have thoroughly sanitized the enter office, removed magazines and taken extra precautions to prevent any cross-contamination. We are doing everything recommended to keep all of us safe.


What if one of my family members shows signs of being ill, can I still come in?

We will need to ask you to quarantine for 14 days after everyone in your household is healthy again. Then, we can reappoint you to be seen. We appreciate your question and thoughtfulness. Our office is taking every measure possible to keep everyone healthy.


Is the reception area safe to sit and wait to be seen?

We have always sanitized all areas in our dental office. We will be thoroughly wiping down anything touched by all guests in our office. We are taking extra measures to continue social distancing and we are having patients wait in their cars as we will text you when we are ready to escort you back to your patient care room.


Has anyone in your office been tested for COVID 19?

None of our team members have shown any signs of being sick or tested positive for the COVID 19 virus. We have a strict policy for our employees to not come in if they have any symptoms at all. We also take our temperatures everyday.


Have any of your patients reported that they came in and have the Corona Virus or tested positive?

We have not treated or have any patients test positive. Also, we pre-screen everyone who enters our dental office. We still take extra precautions to disinfect and clean everything. We are minimizing cross contamination by sanitizing all pens, being paperless, and many other measures to keep everyone safe.


Can I bring anyone with me to my dental appointment?

We are asking for only the patient to come to the dental appointment, unless the patient needs assistance. We appreciate you asking and we are still practicing social distancing as much as possible.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule, because I am sick...and I signed your office cancellation policy, will you charge me

No, during COVID 19 recovery, there are no penalties to cancel if you feel ill. We do want as much notice as possible and we will need to wait a full 14 days after you are healthy to reserve another appointment.


I have been out of work and I can’t afford to pay that, can you still see me?

This is common for many patients and we are extremely sorry that this pandemic has placed financial burdens on so many people. We are all in this together. Are you swollen or in pain? We certainly don’t want you hurting, let’s reserve a time to evaluate and then we can work out a payment arrangement.

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