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"Risk more than others think is safe.                                                                                                                        Care more than others think is wise.                                                                                                                   Dream more than others think is practical.                                                                                                              Expect more than others think is possible."  -Claude Thomas Bissell

Dr. Maggie W. Augustyn is a practicing general dentist. She competed her formal dental education earning a doctorate of Dental Surgery from University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to that, she was awarded two Bachelor’s degrees (UIC and Benedictine University). Dr. Augustyn graduated as University Scholar from Benedictine University and claims that was the best and her most favorite part of education. In recent years, she has completed the course sequence at the renowned Dawson Academy's continuum in oral equilibration and cosmetic dentistry. She completes at least 30 hours of continuing education each year, much of which has varied spanning past orthodontics, implantology, periodontics, prosthodontics, cosmetics, and the list goes on. She is also an active participant in the Chicago branch of Seattle Study Club called Windy City Seminars. Her recent accolade includes the Rising Star Award (2015) from Benedictine University presented to an alumni who has made considerable strides in their career and has demonstrated dedication to philanthropic endeavors. She was also voted "America's Best Dentist" based on superior training, experience, continuing education and commitment to excellence in 2016 and "America's Top Dentist" in 2014.

Dr. Augustyn's an avid writer. Her editorials have been published in Dentistry Today. She has also been featured in Express (the polish newspaper) as an advocate for volunteering abroad. Dr. Augustyn uses her time to travel to third world countries providing dental care to those whose access is limited. She has been part of a group traveling to La Paz, Mexico to set up a dental triage unit in a co-ed prison. She has also traveled with Dental Relief Program to places including Guatemala and Nepal. "Working with these children is one of the most difficult things I've come to do, because it's so heartbreaking. These little souls have none of the things our kids have. On the other hand, there is such joy in their eyes. You present to those children as a 'bad' guy with a giant needle. It breaks your heart to have to watch them be so scared, and try your best to alleviate their anxiety. Communication is minimal, as translators are very few. You mostly have to do that with arm movements, silly faces, or the tone of your voice. The hours we work to set up and work the clinic are very long. At the end of the night you're exhausted both physically and emotionally. You miss your family and often a hot shower. Of course, it's all well worth giving up the western comforts to know that these kids will keep their teeth for 10 or 15 years longer."

"Dentistry is a big part of who I am, and I like it that way. It's my passion, it's my hobby. I've gotten to the point now, where what I do in the operatory comes as second nature. This also means that being meticulous has crept into other aspects of my life which can add additional time to things like decorating a cake or painting a hallway, which isn't as favorable. It pretty much drives me nuts. "

"My greatest passion is service. Each day I try to be a better person than yesterday. I think life is about people, helping one another and enjoying life. I've volunteered in different parts of the world, and as my daughter grows older I hope to teach her to do the same. And right now, as she's young, we pack lunch for the homeless each time we go to Chicago, or spend our time packing rice for Feed My Starving Children (she seems to like doing that). With time, we will expand our volunteering radius past Chicago, and then past the United States (awaiting husband/daddy approval)."

Augustyn's hobbies include volunteerism, art projects of any kind, and non-fiction reading/writing. "My favorite thing to do is to just be mom, in a team with my husband. My mantra is Life Is Good. Not all the time and ... sometimes you might have to look for it, but most of the time, Life Is Good." She resides in Lombard with her husband Scott and daughter Ally.



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