COVID-19 Letter

Dear Friends and Happy Tooth patients,


Let us be the first to welcome you back to our dental office! We cannot be more thrilled to serve you. We have been waiting for this opportunity for many weeks. Today, we are happy to finally announce that Happy Tooth will open June 1st, 2020. Initially we will begin to treat patients on a very limited basis. This will help to allow for social distancing, appropriate application of additional PPE requirements, and additional infection control procedures. We, of course, will be prioritizing more urgent care when needed.


Please note that as a result of COVID-19, we have new PPE requirements which might look a little different, but rest assured that you will still receive the same great service from our dedicated team. We've implemented some changes to limit person to person contact as much as possible per orders by the Illinois Department of Public Heath. These procedures may change over time, as required by law:


  1. As you may be aware, there are new guidelines and recommendations on the use of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE).  Due to the worldwide spread of COVID and its effect on the healthcare system, across the world, the overall supply of PPE has been significantly depleted. This has resulted in a two fold problem: (ONE) PPE is difficult to find. Things such as gloves, masks, gowns which were readily available are now only supplied for purchase in smaller quantities. In fact very often these quantities are not enough for us to safely perform dental procedures. (TWO) As a result of the shortage of PPE, the prices of those have been increased by both manufacturers and supply delivery companies. Having said that, your safety is of utmost importance, and so, we will not see patients in our office unless we are over-prepared in the face of COVID. Our office guidelines are such, that we will be using higher than recommended PPE measures to keep you safe. Our costs in obtaining PPE have significant increased, as mentioned. A mask which may gave cost $0.50 in the past, has now been upgraded to using one which costs $10+. And that’s just one example.  With all of this going on, the American Dental Associated has come out with a new code that will be added to each patient per appointment. Based on our calculations, the fee for the additional PPE per patient, per appointment will be $15. Unfortunately, we are not able to waive the fee.  The fee is due up front, 24 hours prior to the appointment, and can be paid via phone or txt.


  1. PRE-APPOINTMENT PHONE SCREENINGS: We will be contacting you 72 hours before your scheduled appointment and updating any contact and insurance information; we will also be asking about flu-like symptoms and exposure to COVID-19.  We will do this again one day before your dental procedure. Based on your answers, it is possible that we may reschedule your visit. If you know ahead of time that you have been ill or exposed to someone who is ill, it is important that you call us ahed of time, so we can reassign both your appointment (for a future date) and the appointment earmarked for you (as those are so very limited) to another patient.


  1. ARRIVE EARLY: Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment to allow for our new check-in process. You will check in via phone from your car. It is possible that we will experience longer wait times since these protocols are new to everyone. We appreciate your patience. If you are someone who is on a tight schedule, you may want to consider moving your appointment out several weeks to when things are more streamlined and restrictions more relaxed.


  1. CHECK IN OR CALL US FROM YOUR CAR WHEN YOUR ARRIVE.  Please call the office at (630) 834-4140 once you arrived to let us know you are here; you can also check in from your txt message, sent 24 hours prior to your appointment.  We will be allowing only one patient at a time to check in; this may be the reason you may be asked to wait in your car for a few minutes.


  1. CHECK-IN AND COPAYS: When you call us from your car we will ask you additional COVID 19 screening questions (as mentioned) and take any estimated COPAY over the phone. Once the doctor or hygienist is ready for you, you’ll be free to come to the entrance of our office. First we will take your temperature. Patients with temperatures of 100.0+ F will be rescheduled.  


  1. PARENTS/GUARDIANS/ESCORTS/FAMILY MEMBERS: ONLY the patient will be allowed to enter the office (age dependent). However, we understand that some patients may need assistance. If absolutely necessary,  a patient will be allowed ONE additional person to assist them with check-in. No other family members or siblings that are not scheduled for treatment will be allowed in the office to minimize the risk of spreading and catching COIVD. We hope you can understand.

    1. The patient requires an escort, the escort will also be screened and have their         temperature taken at our check-in. If the escort's temperature is above 100.0 F, the patient's appointment will be rescheduled

    2. After check-in, we prefer that the parent/escort wait in the car. We will call the  escort once the patient has had their treatment completed. 

    3. Only the patient and the clinical staff are to be present in treatment areas. If absolutely necessary, we will allow a parent in the treatment room for children under 5 or for special needs patients. We ask that you remain in the treatment room for the duration of treatment and avoid walking back to the waiting area or car.


  1. Chairside procedures will include: 

    1. Performing an antiseptic oral rinse (diluted peroxide, chlorhexidine, others) pre-procedure.

    2. The use of a rubber dam whenever possible or other alternative isolation devices that separate the oropharynx from the field of work  

  2. All team members are required to wear a mask at all times. Please wear a mask to your appointment. We require ALL patients and escorts to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES in our office. 

    1. Patients will be directed when to remove their mask for treatment. When treatment is over, we will have you reapply your mask


  1. CHECK-OUT PROTOCOL: At the end of your appointment, the next visit will be scheduled in the operatory and the patient will be dismissed. There will be no formal check-out. For patients that need assistance or minors the escort will be phoned to come back to the office. Credit card receipt or itemized bill will be emailed. Question about insurance or billing will be discussed by phone If new treatment is recommended a treatment plan will be emailed and call will be made the following day to review it.


  1. ADDITIONAL SAFETY MEASURES: We have implemented additional safety measures in ensuring your safety. These include but are not limited to:  

    1. Team and patient daily questionaries, 

    2. Taking Temperature on every team member and patient, 

    3. Limited use of waiting areas and restrooms

    4. Disinfection any areas touched by patients or team members between patient appointments

    5. Higher than recommended PPE

    6. CDC recommended sterilization and disinfection procedures, 

    7. Additional time spent cleaning the office between every patient, 

    8. Performing procedures with little or no aerosol, 

    9. and The use of additional intra-oral suction system (Dry Shield)

    10. UV type air filtration and odor absorption in the HVAC

    11. Multiple units of HEPA filtrations system


We realize that this will be very different from what we are all used to. Rest assured we will continue to provide you with excellent dentistry in the safest environment possible. Thank you so much for your support and for choosing Happy Tooth as your dental team. We're happy to continue serving you, and can't wait to see your smile!




Stay safe and healthy.

Very truly yours,

Drs. Maggie Augustyn and Amrik Singh

Below you will find a COVID questionnaire necessary to complete before each dental visit.

Below is a form regarding the PPE fee.

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